The SCT meets the standards of APSAD R31

  • The control room (SDC) of the SCT are strong enclosures with reinforced concrete walls, bullet proof walls and windows
  • Each SDC possess an airlock with 2 armored doors managed by a controlled access system
  • Each SDC has a center of life and a secured air conditioning system, The SCT contains a back up electric supply (MV/LV substation, generator inverter, mini inverters, back up batteries) of 72 hours autonomy
  • Each SDC has dedicated and redundant telephone lines
  • La SCT contains an electronic protection against intrusions, fire protection, access control and CCTV
  • The availability of at least two operators 24h/7
  • Physical protection by security agents

The SCT ensures the remote management of numerous types of events



Auto protection or systeme sabotage

Access Control

Integrated electronic security system

Home automation

Online testing

Reinforcement of your system

Techniques Techniques (pool alarms, temperature sensors)

The doubt of intrusion can be removed by: